All-in-one shoe comfort kit; a must have for the summer event season!

All-in-one shoe comfort kit; a must have for the summer event season!

As a WPIC certified wedding planner, I know that weddings are all about the details. From florals to decor, every aspect of the special day must be perfect. Because of this, you are highly organized and prepared for whatever is thrown your way. Which is exactly why every wedding planner has an emergency toolkit. Double sided tape, zip ties, bandaids, hairspray, bobby pins….you have it all covered from head to toe. Right?

One detail you don’t want to miss is the comfort of the bride and bridesmaids feet. Whether they are wearing high heels, kitten heels or no heels, many women suffer from uncomfortable shoes and blisters on wedding day. Now it’s easier than ever to be prepared and stock your emergency toolkit…introducing the Shoe Luxe Essentials Comfort Kit which contains all the must have necessities to prevent shoe discomfort and pain! The kit includes:

  • 1 set of Heelio Dealio’s; the clear heel protector that prevents sinking in the grass
  • 1 set of gel foot cushions; perfect to fill-in space for shoes too big or uncomfortable
  • 1 set of gel heel cushions; ideal to prevent blisters and fill-in shoe gaps
  • 1 set of anti-slip sole pads; to prevent slips and slides on polished floors
  • 1 set of jewelled shoe clips; take your look from day to night in a snap
  • 1 moleskin sheet; convenient cut-to-size sheet to prevent blisters of any size

Everything you need, all packed up in a stylish cosmetic bag so it’s easy to find in your planner’s toolkit! Over $40 value for only $25. To help us launch this new product, we are offering WPIC wedding planners a special introductory rate of $20. To take advantage of this promo, visit and use code: WPIC.

The Shoe Luxe Essentials Comfort Kit is a must have for any wedding planner. Be ready for whatever the day may throw at you and ensure you can keep the bride and bridal party comfortable throughout the day, so sore feet won’t stand in the way of all the festivities. 

Cheers to a wonderful wedding season full of champagne toasts, happy couples and happy feet.

Ladies, keep your heels on!



Melina Moran, WPICC

Shoe Luxe

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