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Shoe Essentials Comfort Kit

Shoe Essentials Comfort Kit

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The Shoe Luxe essentials comfort kit includes all the must haves and necessities so you can avoid discomfort and love the heels you're in! Each kit contains:

1 set of Heelio Dealio's heel protectors to prevent sinking in the grass
1 pair of anti-skid pads to prevent slipping on polished floors
1 pair of cushioned ball of foot pads
1 pair of back of heel pads
1 cut to size moleskin sheet
1 set of jewelled shoe clips
1 cosmetic bag to hold everything


Over $40 in value!! The perfect addition to any event or wedding planner's toolkit and makes a great bridesmaid gift. The shoe essentials kit is not just for events and weddings, but for anyone who enjoys wearing heels. #loveyourheels


Shipping through Canada Post - standard lettermail.


Flexible rubber so one size fits most standard sized heel

Care Instructions

Wipe clean after use and use again. Not meant for use on concrete.

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